Turkey Lane is relatively small farm with a 540 hectares property located near Parndana on Kangaroo Island which is dedicated to wool growing.  The property runs a commercial flock of around 6000 Merinos and receives an annual rainfall of 722mm.  Approximately 40% of the flock consists of wethers to maximise wool cuts per hectare.  A nucleus flock of 250 fully pedigreed ewes are used to breed our seedstock.  These ewes are subject stringent classing assessment of both ASBVs and visual classing.

All nucleus ewes, rams, hoggets and weaners run under the same stocking rates as flock sheep. Weaner rams are separated from all other weaners in December but run under the same conditions apart from allowing worm burdens to increase to high enough levels to do individual WEC’s. 

In 2020 we were certainly hit with challenges with fires and COVID19 but we are making our way back.  The fire in January 2020 devastated infrastructure and livestock with 45% of sheep lost, however most affected were our weaners (96% loss), ram team (100% loss) nucleus ewes (60% loss) but our adult weathers (1% loss) and fortunately our ram lambs only had a 4% loss.   One year on we had a successful lambing, increasing the flock by 25% in 2020. Moving into 2021 we have seen pregnancy rates for 2021 at 96% for ewes and our first attempt of ewe lambs at 81% will see us back to sustainable numbers very quickly.

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