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2020 certainly had it challenges with fires and COVID19 but we are making our way back.  The fire in January 2020 devastated infrastructure and livestock with 45% of sheep lost, however most affected were our weaners (96% loss), ram team (100% loss) nucleus ewes (60% loss) but our adult weathers (1% loss) and fortunately our ram lambs only had a 4% loss.   One year on we had a successful lambing, increasing the flock by 25% in 2020. Moving into 2021 we have seen pregnancy rates for 2021 at 96% for ewes and our first attempt of ewe lambs at 81% will see us back to sustainable numbers very quickly.

2021 will be our 21st drop of lambs since closing the flock and using ASBVs as a selection tool for decreasing micron and increasing wool cut.  We have been targeting sires with high clean fleece weights and low micron, the graphs below demonstrate our improvement.  We continue efforts to breed sheep that are free of fleece fault.


For the past five years we have been entering rams into Sire Evaluation site at Balmoral (15-0077 – linked sire, 15-0071, 17-0060 and 17-0055) with 15-0077 and 15-0071 hogget progeny this year leading in many of traits including tops, culls, FD, WT, EMD, FAT, GFW, SL & SS.  The results from these trails are available on the following link