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What year it’s been! Finally there is light at the end of the tunnel as we now have finished rebuilding all major infrastructure and getting our flock back on track.  The 2021 season has been very challenging with a very late start and a very wet winter reducing feed on offer. It is looking more promising with a favourable spring thus far. 

The 2020 drop was a little unconventional for us as we lost all our adult rams but miraculously the ram lambs were left unscathed.  This meant we fully embraced DNA sampling and genomic testing to improve accuracies of ASBVs to better select superior rams along with objective assessment.  With limited resources available last year we decided to syndicate mate our nucleus ewes using 10 of the best ram lambs.  While we continued to collect pedigree records at birth for their dam, we then DNA sampled all 2020 drop for sire parentages to complete the full pedigree.   Using ram lambs resulted in 123% lambs weaned and helped accelerated our genetic progress.  Although we have small number available for sale this year we have selected these rams from 67 and have kept 6 for ourselves. This highlights the genetic merits and depth of our flock.

By continuing to put pressure on sires with negative WEC we are making progress with our 2020 drop rams taking 8 months to develop a high enough worm burden to conduct individual WEC, while their sisters on a better feed source being pregnant and rearing lambs went from December to October (drenched at lamb marking).

MerinoSelect ASBVs validates the continued improvement in our flock compared to the average merino ram breeder in Australia.  We are diligent in collecting the most valid and quality data in order to provide you the buyer with the most accurate ASBVs to help select rams that will suit your breeding objective.

Our breeding object is to breed sheep that have elite wool, maximise wool cut, while maintaining a downward trend on micron, on a plain bodied animal, with a high resistance to worm parasites.  Our breeding objective aligns with the FP+ index however the catalogue illustrates we have rams in the top 5% in all three major indexes (DP+, MP+ & FP+).  This should allow you to bid with confidence knowing you are buying from a genetic source that is surpassing the average merino stud industry.


For the past six years we have been entering rams into Sire Evaluation site at Balmoral (15-0077 – linked sire, 15-0071, 17-0060, 17-0055 and 19-0180) with 15-0077 and 15-0071 hogget progeny leading in many of traits including tops, culls, FD, WT, EMD, FAT, GFW, SL & SS.  The results from these trails are available on the following link